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About Us

About Us

The construction of the property completed in 2022 and received our operating licence in February 2022.

The building has a total of 365sqm of living space including the administration area and it is sitting on a 1200sqm land. The property is left with a quite spacious garden with greeneries and we have planted some tropical plants which beautifully blends in with the valley around us.

There are 5 apartments in the building each covering 50sqm of living space. The building has 3 floors in total whereby the Reception and 1 apartment are on the Ground floor then 2 apartments are located on each remaining floors.

We also included one cozy plunge pool in our garden as a little distraction on a hot and sunny day.

Water is from the mains through a 2000 litre tank under the building itself. It is OK to drink the water, although sometimes it has a slight chlorine taste. The alternative is to go shopping for and carrying bottled water in bulk.

Hot water is supplied via the solar heater on top of the roof and electrical heater compensates on a cloudy day.

All lamps and picture lights are switched from the wall; the electricity consumer unit is on the kitchen wall but if there is any electrical problem management must be made aware immediately.

The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary appliances in order to prepare your own meals. A Nespresso coffee machine is provided with 2 complimentary capsules per day. Our cooker/oven is powered LPG gas it is important to notify management to replace your LPG bottle when empty.

In case of a power cut, emergency lights will automatically switch on and the room will be equipped with a portable torch.

Anna is the caretaker and her assistant will be servicing all apartments from Monday to Saturday. They will ensure that each apartment is cleaned and sanitized according to health’s requirement.

Rubbish from apartment should be thrown in bin bags inside the waste bin provided in each apartment. Then any bin bags should be dropped in the roadside bins located on the outside wall by the main road.

There is no need to take towels from the bathroom to the beach as beach towels are provided and should be return for cleaning.

Please report any damage or breakage to Management who will be there on your day of departure.

We are in the tropics therefore insects and mosquitoes at times can be troublesome. However, if you leave lights on and doors open at night you will find a lot of insects coming into the house (they are also keen on any food left out!). We suggest you leave a bright light on outside, away from your seating, and use the bug spray kept under the kitchen sink.

A phone has been supplied for your use which makes local calls only. You will have access to free and unlimited internet connection viaWI-FI connection. (the PASSWORD will be given to you upon check-in)

Instructions for all appliances are straight forward except for the Laptop Safe whereby a written instruction is provided. Use the safe rather than taking your valuables to the beach. If it malfunctions at all let us know.

For car hire contact Fleuri Cars on +248 2821379 and if they have no availability we can provide another one.